Why Dirty Fasting Works For Me

The premise behind intermittent fasting is simple: eat within a limited window of a 24-hour period to help improve your overall health.

However, I have found that my emotional reliance on food makes it too challenging to *always* stick to water and tea during my fasting window.

Navigating My “Food is Reward” Mentality

Like pretty much everyone else in the whole wide world, I consider my job to be stressful. I teach in a rough urban area and strive every day to be positive and compassionate with my high school students, many of whom are struggling with generational poverty and PTSD.

Photo of trainer feeding dolphin
Photo of trainer feeding dolphin
Why do we reward animals in restricted environments with food? Because it works. Image credit: Jooinn

My Dessert Might Look Different From Yours

My eating window is usually 20:4, but when I’m finished with dinner, I’m torn between the desire to have “just a little something else,” or to convince myself that I’ll be fine with drinking water the rest of the evening.

Subconsciously, I know that I want to extend that reward mentality a bit longer.

When I cheat with a real dessert, like one or two salted caramels, I feel terrible. My body loves sugar, but I react badly to it. My stomach gets bloated, my hip joints ache, and I get brain fog. I even react badly to fresh-cut pineapple sometimes.

Source: Pixabay

White or Red?

As I’ve aged, sadly, my overall sensitivity to sugar has increased. I used to like a nice sweet glass of white zinfandel, moscato or Riesling, but they started to backfire on my body. Even with a small glass, I would wake up feeling bloated and headachy. I soon discovered that these wines’ sugar content ranged from 5–14 grams of sugar — or even more. Yep, that’s a big ten-four no for me.

Source: Wine Folly at https://winefolly.com/review/sugar-in-wine-chart/

Perfectionism vs. Reality

I’m fully expecting a bunch of other IF advocates to jump all over this article.

{writer | educator | Ed.D. | hiker | leader | feminist} email: lorimann921@gmail.com

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