Hi, Sharon!

Thanks so much for your message….and I’m sorry for the delay with my reply! I just realized that I overlooked it. (Gah!)

Okay, so with the carbs, by *some*, I meant….sigh…a lot. I love chips and find them hard to stop eating.

However, I found that I could have, ahem, some chips when I got home work around 5:00, and then eat dinner an hour later, and then be done for the night. If I reversed that order by eating dinner and then having some chips while I was watching tv, the weight didn’t budge. I don’t know for sure if eating late at night was a key factor with my weight gain, but it’s my current hypothesis.

Also, I got married a few weeks ago and my husband and I had a couple of glorious weeks of falling off the IF wagon. We had a fridge full of leftovers from the wedding caterer and we were snacking like fools after dinner when we were watching tv. I can’t speak for him, but I know I gained 4–5 pounds during this time (ugh!) and now I’m trying to get back on track by not eating chips late at night.

I hope this makes sense….?

Good luck!


{writer | educator | Ed.D. | hiker | leader | feminist} email: lorimann921@gmail.com

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